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Citi Trends Inc, has formed The CITIcares Council to create and oversee initiatives of change that will have a positive impact in the lives of our customers and employees. The CITIcares Council is a diverse group of associates who are passionate about making a difference. They represent every division and level of the company, including both genders, multiple ethnicities and different geographies.

Our Mission

CITIcares ’ provides a platform to address the effects systemic racism has had on our communities, and to create opportunities to overcome these barriers.

Our Vision

CITIcares vision is to collaborate with community leaders, organizations, individuals and established programs in local underserved communities whose mission aligns with ours. The resources we are committing to these projects include employee time and expertise as well as monetary support.

Education, Healthcare, Employment and Exposure are our core areas of focus and public advocacy on this mission.

Citi Cares Pillars Square
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We want to make the greatest impact for those who have always supported us, our team members and our customers. If you are actively involved in making a difference, we want to hear from you. Send your information to Include the address of the closest Citi Trends location in your area. Together we will make a difference.