CA Supply Chains Act


We at Citi Trends take our role in the business community seriously and are committed to promoting Citi Trends’ values and respect for human rights within our supply chain. These goals include doing our part to eradicate slavery and human trafficking in the distribution of the goods we sell.

Citi Trends requires the supplier certification described below to verify that our suppliers do not engage in slavery or human trafficking. Citi Trends does not engage in additional verification activities of its suppliers to identify, assess, and evaluate the potential risks for human trafficking and slavery within our supply chain. Citi Trends is currently unable to verify whether our direct suppliers or their subcontractors use labor brokers.


Citi Trends relies on the certification it receives from suppliers, which requires that suppliers report noncompliance with the company’s standards. Citi Trends does not audit suppliers.


Citi Trends requires its suppliers to provide a written certification that they and their subcontractors do not engage in slavery or human trafficking and that they abide by other ethical standards. The company also requires its suppliers to certify that they, their subcontractors, and the materials incorporated into their product comply with the laws and regulations governing slavery, human trafficking, and employment in the countries where they do business. Furthermore, Citi Trends requires that its suppliers disclose any incidents of noncompliance with these requirements within their supply chains. Suppliers that fail to meet these standards are subject to corrective action, up to and including termination.


Citi Trends has internal accountability standards and procedures for employees and contractors engaged in illegal or unethical behavior. If Citi Trends is notified of an internal compliance issue, it is addressed promptly and any employees or contractors that fail to meet our company standards are subject to corrective action, up to and including termination. There are also protections in place for employees reporting violations.


Citi Trends does not provide employees with formal training on human trafficking and slavery.

By taking these steps, Citi Trends is doing its part to promote fair practices here and abroad to prevent slavery and human trafficking within our supply chain.