A Message from David Makuen, CEO of Citi Trends

On behalf of everyone at Citi Trends, I want to express how devastated we are by the horrific circumstances that took the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and many others, and to address the indelible racism in our black communities across the country.

Over the decades, Citi Trends has become an integral part of the neighborhoods in which we proudly serve, neighborhoods that have disproportionately experienced the effects of racism and discrimination. We have always prided ourselves on being a good neighbor and now is the time to speak up for our black neighbors and join others to make a difference. Our stores are led by people of color from the communities in which we serve. Women and men who are afraid, who are scared for their children, grandchildren and friends. We thoroughly understand the importance of this moment. We recognize the responsibility we have, especially in times like this, to uphold our values while digging deeper with actions that matter.

As we face such inexcusable inequality, it is time to speak up and stand together. To that end, Citi Trends is forming the “CitiCARES Council” made up of a diverse set of individuals that will create and oversee initiatives of change. This council will define how Citi Trends will move forward, together with communities across the country, to contribute to elevating humanity to a place of peace and inclusion so that families of color experience equality wherever they may walk, work, shop and carry out their lives. It is our collective responsibility to work every day to support this vision and we will do our part.




David Makuen, CEO

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