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13 Tips For Hosting A Super Bowl Party

Get ready for the biggest and best football party of the year! The Super Bowl is a great way to celebrate with your friends and family, overindulge in snacks, actually enjoy watching commercials and show off your cheering skills.

Still debating on whether or not to host? Here are some tips to help you host a fun, laid-back Super Bowl party. 

1. Before you stock up on supplies try to clear out some room in your fridge a few days before the party.

2. Start cleaning house two days before so you can devote the day before to rearrange and prep food, and the day of to set up and decorate.

3. Try to prep certain foods the night before for a chance to chill in the fridge like potato salad.

4. Since guests will be in and out of their seats, create a comfy game-viewing area with open seating. Toss in some throw pillows and floor cushions wherever people might take a seat.

Beverage StationSignature Cocktail

5. Set up a beverage station with a variety of beer on ice and a pitcher/punch bowl of your signature cocktail — be sure to offer non-alcoholic choices for guests who don’t drink and for the kids such as water, ice tea, lemonade, punch etc.

6. Set up a separate food station/buffet for appetizers, entrees and desserts.

7. Make trash bins accessible so guest can clean up after themselves as they go.

8. ALWAYS keep stain removers on hand for the inevitable spills.

Chicken WIngsChili Cheese Dog Cups

9. Prepare easy, perfect for sharing dishes like honey chipotle chicken wings, jalapeño poppers and chili cheese dog cups.

10. Make some sweet dips for a fun spin on classic desserts. Try a spreadable sprinkle cheesecake, fluffy s’mores or an oreo crumble.

sprinkle cheesecake fluffy s'mores Oreo Crumble

11. Add some entertainment with Super Bowl party games—even if you have guests who aren’t really into the game, they can still have a great time. You’ll want to have games that are easy and multiple people can play.

Rate The Super Bowl Commercial: Print out these fun signs for free and attach them to popsicle sticks. During the commercials, your guests can rate how well the liked them on a scale of 1-5

Super Bowl Bingo

Super Bowl Bingo: Print out some free bingo cards that will have everyone watching closely for epic touchdown dances, shirtless fans, cheerleaders, celebrities, and more!

Super Bowl Bingo Cards

For the kids: free printable football-themed coloring pages, Tic Tac Bingo and supply a few soft, foam mini footballs.

12. Amazingly, if you do find yourself with leftovers, send people home with them so they won’t go to waste.

13. Enjoy your party and take lots of memorable pics!

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