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The Year Of You: 10 Simple Ways To Feel Good

Most of us head into the new year with a tall order of resolutions that usually fizzle by the time spring is in bloom.  While setting goals for the new year is admirable, we tend to focus on the things we don’t like about ourselves, striving for unattainable results—instead of boosting self-confidence we’re induced with self doubt

It’s 2018, time to celebrate you! This year, take time to focus on the things that contribute to your well-being, making self-care a priority. And we’re not just talking about treating yourself to a facial without guilt, self-care is about building the confidence that can make you feel better in different areas in your life.  Read on for easy ways that will encourage you to feel good (and look good) this year

1. Show Off Your Assets

There is nothing we love and promote more here at Citi Trends than loving your body and showing off what you’ve got! Give them the cold shoulder flattering neckline; Play up your shape and curve fierce with a bodycon dress; or slip into a maxi skirt with a slit that lets your legs peek out in all the right places.

2. Feelin’ The Beat

Give your mind and body an endorphins high and dance like nobody’s watching. Not only is working up a sweat to music physically rewarding but you have fun and feel invigorated. So…twerk it, throw in some Cha Cha Cha moves, or moonwalk—don’t be shy and embrace what your body can do!

3. Pep It Up Playlist

Sing in the shower, your car, in a karaoke bar,  on or off-key, who cares! Turn on your favorite tunes and belt out what you’ve been holding in all day—it will elevate your mood in no time.

4. Walk it Out

Strutting your stuff is not a runway-exclusive. Whether your wearing flats or heels, walking to work or on your way to date night feel hot-to-trot. Tip: Stand up straight and slightly stick out your chest, put one foot right in front of the other, loosen up your hips and let them naturally sway from side to side. Now WERK it!

5. Forget The Splish Splash, Take a Relaxing Bath

Once a week, run a bath, add a foaming bath gel or toss in a bath bomb, light your favorite scented candles, turn off the lights, and immerse yourself in a warm tub. The calming atmosphere is a great way to de-stress, soothe achy muscles and leads to healthy, glowing skin.

6. Rock A Flirty Fragrance

Hot on the scent for a perfume that’s both playful and glam? Finish off your look with an irresistible signature scent, making you feel (and smell) good throughout the day.

7. Nailed It

Give yourself an at-home manicure with a fun polish color or printed acrylic set  you regularly wouldn’t wear and flaunt it.

8. Girls Night In/Out

there’s nothing like being in the moment, surrounded by your girls! Plan for a classic netflix and potluck-style veg out session or glam it up for a night out.

9. Selfie Saturdays

Get in front of a mirror or phone and start smizing. Really take a minute to acknowledge your looks and appreciate your favorite part of your face. 6 Tips For The Perfect Selfie

10. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!

Reflect on your accomplishments and celebrate all that is YOU.

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